:: How To Repair Your Garage Door Seal
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Garage Door Repair Made Simple

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Garage Door Repair Made Simple

Posted on 2016-03-15 by Author Admin

The garage door resembles a huge, movable wall in your residence. To keep it water as well as weather-tight, you ought to make certain that the garage door fits snugly to the ground. Is the garage seal functioning properly? Whether you own a comparatively new door or your present garage door has been installed several years ago, the rubber gasket attached at its bottom will most probably be the first area where the weather is going to take its toll. Leaves, ice formation, salt accumulation, and extreme heat can lead to the deterioration of the seal. In this article, we will mention some essential tips on how to repair your garage door seal.

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Measure your garage door for the length of seal required

You will require getting the proper measurement of the height, width, and also thickness of the garage door in order to find a rubber seal which fits appropriately.

Purchase a new seal

These seals are called by different terms: garage door seals, garage door gaskets or rubber gaskets, to name a few. These are actually different from the garage door thresholds that are attached to the concrete at the base of the door in order to help the seal make a firm connection to the floor. Select one which fits the required measurements as well as the door material type.

Several garage doors feature a metal track which holds a rubber seal in place that can be replaced. In an area featuring extremely cold climate, sometimes it is better to swap the rubber seal with a silicone seal which remains flexible in the cold weather (and has also a much better possibility of surviving more than the traditional rubber seals).

Get rid of the old garage seal

After lifting the garage door slightly, slide out the old rubber seal from the base of the door. In case you meet any resistance, the track might be required to be bent slightly (a flathead screwdriver will do this perfectly) for smoothing out the path. You might require removing the seal in pieces depending upon its condition. Once the gasket has been removed, clean the track using a broom or a brush. Thus, the new gasket can slide on effortlessly.

If the garage door is manufactured from wood it might not feature a track. In that case, you require removing the rubber gasket, which is usually nailed on, by a powerful rip. Remove any remnants and also cover the bottom wood using a wood sealer. For the ease of maintenance, you might install a brand new aluminium track at the base of the garage door for preserving the bottom panel from any unwanted nail holes each time you require to replace the seal.

Replace the gasket

The new seal has to be threaded into the garage door track and also pulled across the base of the door. Sometimes dish soap is found to be a useful lubricant for this procedure, but some individuals find it difficult to grip the seal since their hands become slippery. Whatever you do, just be aware of the fact that this could be the most tiresome part of the entire project as you push, tug, and pull the seal into place.

As a matter of fact, repairing the garage door seal is a comparatively easy job if you have sufficient time and also you understand what exactly you are doing.

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