:: Garage Door Winter Problems and Their Solutions
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Posted on 2016-01-27 by Author Admin

When cold weather strikes such as the winter winds and snow, there are quite a number of problems that will be subjected to your garage door. You will realize that even making a single walk from your car to the front door can be one of the most tortuous experience ever. There are quite a number of issues that your garage door will experience ranging from those that you can fix it by yourself to those that will require a garage door repair specialist.

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However, burglars are always aware that during the winter seasons most garage doors fail and thus more robberies are experienced. In this regard, before you experience any burglary loss, you should ensure that all the garage door issues are solved immediately when they are realize at the winter seasons. There are many garage door winter problems that you ought to be conversant to before you experience them. The following are some of the major winter garage door problems and their solutions that you should know.

1. The garage door fails to open at all
One of the major problems that you will experience during winter is that your garage door will not open at all. The reason behind this might be the ice that form mainly along the door tracks, along the frames and on the ground. In addition to this, the problem may be more of frustrating since it can eventually cause the track to warp and misaligned.

In order to curb this, is to ensure that the snow as well as the ice are all cleared from your garage door and replace any broken weather-stripping that may allow cold seep into the garage door. Another tip that can be easy to apply is to spray a bot cooking spray at the bottom part of the door since that can help in prevention of freezing.

2. The garage door creaks and groans
In most cases, during the cold seasons metals trend to bend out of shape. This is due to the effects of contraction which may be a major problem to your garage door where your door will groan and creak whenever you open it. It may even fail to move on the midway through the travel.

In order to resolve this problem, efficient lubrication should be done. This includes areas such as hinges, bearings and the springs to be lubricated regularly to keep them working properly.

3. Broken Gears
During the winter seasons, you will realize that most of the garage door gears seem to break down. This is because when the door freezes at the bottom part, it will tend to struggle much against the gears thus breaking them.

In this case, you will require a Garage Door repair specialist to make the appropriate repairs.

4. Grit in the Drive Track
When snow falls, you will be required to use sand, grit and salt in order to melt it. The grit may therefore be tracked into the garage and it may cause the door to jam and fail to move during opening.

To solve this problem, you will have to ensure that brush your drive track most often. These are the winter garage door problems and their solutions that you ought to know so that you can apply them in order to keep your garage door working for long.

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