:: Facing Issues in your Chain Drive Garage Door Opener: Learn How to Adjust
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Posted on 2016-11-29 by Author Admin

If you face any issues with the chain drive of your garage door opener, you might want to adjust it, but the most important thing is to inspect whether your door opener needs to be tightened or loosen. If your door needs less energy and power to open and close and makes an annoying sound, the chain has loosened up and needs to be tightened. To adjust the garage door chain drive, you need some improvement tools and would be able to repair it yourself in few hours.

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1. Inspection of the Chain

Inspect the chain of your Liftmaster garage door opener properly. In order to gain the proper chain tension, you must follow some simple steps such as release the garage door from the opener manually before you make any adjustments with the help of red rope by pulling it straight down. Sprocket noise may result in any of the two cases: excessive loosening or tightening of the chain. In case, you observe the chain is broken, replace the chain completely to avoid any injuries.

2. Switch-off the Power

Perform the task while your garage door is closed and you have an another exit to move out of your garage in case of emergency. Switch-off the power supply with the help of the ladder and disconnect the electric wires connecting the power outlet of the garage door opener before performing the repair task. Remove the circuit breaker from the electric shaft, if required.

3. Use of Specific Tools

You need specific tools to repair or adjust the chain drive of your garage door opener such as adjustment bolt. Once you are done with the electric break-out, tug the emergency rope and remove the door connections from the opener. Using a ladder, you can have a look at the carriage assembly and at the adjustment bolt, a bolt with adjusting threads that are connected directly to the chain.

4. Adjust the Chain

To release the chain from the door, loosen the adjustment threads and the nuts located on the inner side of the trolley. Loosen the outer nut with the help of the wrench, until the chain drops following the loosening of the inner nut to make a room for tightening the chain. On each turn, while tightening the outer nut, the garage door will rise a little. Now, tighten the inner nut in order to secure the adjustment when the door has reached about of the base rail track or the midpoint. The chain has now properly adjusted.


There are only a few ways to tighten or loosen the chain of the garage door opener. An adjustment either linked to the chain or the door opener track. While performing both the ways, release the emergency rope and disconnect the power supply to avoid any kind of injury. If you find that you are unable to perform the job perfectly, call professionals for support as they are experts in their work and follow the standard protocols for the repair tasks.

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