:: Double Car Garage Door: Different Standard Sizes
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Posted on 2016-12-21 by Author Admin

Most of the manufacturers offer garage doors of standard size. That said, the case can be different with different companies. If you plan to install a double garage door in your garage, do not assume that there is only one standard size. There are numerous sizes that can fit your garage. You need to check the perfect one before fixing. Some of the common standard sizes of double garage doors are: 12 by 7 feet; 14 by 7 feet;16 by 7 feet; 18 by 7 feet; 12 by 8 feet; 14 by 8 feet; 16 by 8 feet ;18 by 8 feet. In this blog post we shall understand sizes of double garage door. Take a look.

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Why Have Standard Garage Doors Gotten Bigger?
Garages over the span of time has gotten bigger and so does the garage door. These days garages are constructed with a space of more than three cars plus the storage space. Families these days buy huge cars such as large pickup trucks, vans, and large sports utility vehicles. To reside these huge cars, you require a larger space. Moreover many families these days have recreational vehicles such as boat that require larger space. Larger garages require garage doors that fit the garage size. This is the reason the standard size of garage door has gotten bigger. Families now have rediscovered the uses of garage as a work place or store. They can be used as a gym place or a small living room as well. Garage owners now want full utilization of their garage and prefer a multifunctional garage doors.

Should You Get A Standard Garage Door Size?
While planning to install a new garage door, it is important to choose the right size of the door. That said, before that you may have to evaluate your needs and budget. You can find expensive and well-designed garage doors in sale too. Check the size of your garage and order for the door accordingly. Also consult a technician before installing.

Last Word
Garage doors are available in different sizes and brands. You can find a wide range of garage doors in the market in affordable rates. If you wish to install a new garage door, see no more than Garage Door Repair Denver. We have a combination of excellent technicians who master all the issues related to garage doors and reputed brands that offer reliability and warranty.

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